festival info

The 2020 Greek Festival is fun for the entire family. We will have Greek food and entertainment for all ages. If you want to relax and enjoy the sites and sounds of Greece with traditional Greek music, we will have live entertainment by the Odyssey Greek Band and our very own Ta Adelphia Dance Group. If you are coming for the Greek food and dessert you will not be disappointed. If you want to shop we will have vendors displaying everything from souvenirs from Greece, to handmade crafts and much more. You can also participate in Greek Folk Dancing and have a true cultural experience.

Whether you are a kid at heart, or if you will be bringing your children to the Greek Festival we will have plenty for all to do.

Date & Time

Saturday Only (11/07/2020): 11AM - 6PM


St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church
12760 Beach Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32224

No Admission

Due to COVID-19, we are not having our traditional Greek Festival. We will be hosting a drive-through food festival.

Entertainment Schedule

11:00 AMOdyssey Greek BandDJ AstatosDJ Astatos
11:30 AMOdyssey Greek BandDJ Astatos/T'Adelphia Dance GroupDJ Astatos/T'Adelphia Dance Group/Ta Asteris (Junior) Dance Group
12:00 PMOdyssey Greek BandOdyssey Greek BandDJ Astatos
12:30 PMOdyssey Greek BandOdyssey Greek BandOdyssey Greek Band
1:00 PMDJ AstatosDJ Astatos/T'Adelphia Dance GroupOdyssey Greek Band
1:30 PMDJ AstatosOdyssey Greek BandOdyssey Greek Band
2:00 PMDJ AstatosDJ Astatos/Ta Asteris (Junior) Dance GroupDJ Astatos/Ta Asteris (Junior) Dance Group
2:30 PMDJ AstatosOdyssey Greek BandDJ Astatos/T'Adelphia Dance Group/
3:00 PMDJ AstatosOdyssey Greek BandClosed
3:30 PMDJ AstatosDJ Astatos/T'Adelphia Dance GroupClosed
4:00 PMDJ AstatosDJ AstatosClosed
4:30 PMDJ AstatosDJ AstatosClosed
5:00 PMOdyssey Greek BandOdyssey Greek BandClosed
5:30 PMOdyssey Greek BandOdyssey Greek BandClosed
6:00 PMOdyssey Greek BandDJ Astatos /T'Adelphia Dance Group/Ta Asteris (Junior) Dance GroupClosed
6:30 PMDJ Astatos /T'Adelphia Dance Group/Ta Asteris (Junior) Dance GroupDJ AstatosClosed
7:00 PMDJ AstatosOdyssey Greek BandClosed
7:30 PMOdyssey Greek BandOdyssey Greek BandClosed
8:00 PMOdyssey Greek BandOdyssey Greek BandClosed
8:30 PMDJ Astatos/T'Adelphia Dance GroupDJ AstatosClosed
9:00 PMDJ AstatosDJ AstatosClosed
9:30 PMOdyssey Greek BandOdyssey Greek BandClosed
10:00 PMOdyssey Greek BandOdyssey Greek BandClosed